(The following outline is a great example of the biblical approach you will learn through our Divorce & Remarriage Workshops that are part of our Marriage & Family Counseling Training. To sign up for these materials please contact us at info@lcbcc.org.)



I. Introduction
A. In my years of counseling women it was always difficult to work with women who were going through a divorce because their emotional pain was always so great. Often they felt overwhelmed. The wife may not know what is really happening. She is sometimes confused, hurt, guilt- laden, scared, angry, grieving, self-pitying, and desperate even if she is a Christian. Very often there are huge financial problems and not enough money to pay the bills much less hire a lawyer. The children are upset, her parents are grieved and/or angry. Everyone involved, at various times, wants revenge. Divorce is often worse than a death. Divorce is embarrassing, humiliating, devastating, and it always breaks a vow made before God on the part of one or both.

B. In this workshop, I want to:
1. Touch briefly on the “so-called” Christian divorce recovery material and how to help your counselee recover from it (if this is a problem). 

2. Give you some practical tips on helping them to think and respond rightly and thus give glory to God.