There is hope. Are you in a relationship challenge feeling there is no more you can do? Are you having a difficult time preserving through emotions like anger, anxiety, bitterness, depression, guilt or grief? Maybe you have given up hope for overcoming some stubborn addiction, financial challenge, eating issue or physical challenge.  God can cause all the trials of your life to accomplish a greater good in the end, if you will seek Him and His answers. This is the clear hope repeatedly testified throughout Scripture and by the many who have come to the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center for help.  

There is help.  All our counselors are trained to help you take practical steps to find this hope and help. We provide four different counseling services in two different formats – on location or online – depending on your needs. Click here to set up an appointment 

  • CONSULTATION:  1-2 sessions to give biblical, practical encouragement and direction in personal or relational challenges.
  • LIFE-COACHING: 5-6   sessions  to  establish foundational  habits  and  routines in  life and relationships  prescribed by  God in  the  Scripture that promote success and stability in specific areas of life and godliness.
  • CONCILIATORY COUNSELING: Begins with 2-4 sessions to determine if reconciliation of differences in a relationship or conflict is possible. The number of sessions beyond this is based on the receptivity of one or both parties to deal with the concerns in the relationship and conflict.
  • PERSONAL COUNSELING: 12-15 sessions that begin with about 8-10 weekly meetings to identify, inspire and instruct key areas that change is needed.  After this 2-5 more sessions spread out over two-four months to ensure the new heart and habit changes are continuing.
Onsite or Online Counseling

We have seen many people and families gain the insights needed to make changes they never thought possible. We are certain, therefore, that the Bible contains all necessary information for your life, your problems and your need for godliness as you encounter these various difficult trials and temptations (2 Peter 1:2-4). Consider allowing one of our counselors (live or online) to help you take clear, biblical steps that can help. Let Christ do for you what he has done for many others through biblical counseling.

The key to all the success we have had at the center is because our counseling approach is built on one key belief.  We believe that the central method by which God transforms a person’s primary motivations and responses in life is by giving that person a greater understanding of Himself in the person of Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Word and Spirit of God (2 Cor 3:18). Our counselors are here to help you experience this distinct transformation whether you live near the center or on the other side of the country or world. Begin with hope by reaching out to us for help.

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