Our vision as a ministry is not only to provide biblical counseling, but provide resources that will equip in biblical change and counseling. We seek to bridge the sufficiency of Christ to people in need through counseling, training and resources. Over the years we have developed hundreds of resources used in helping people overcome depression, anger, anxiety, conflict, etc. These resources have been tools that the Spirit of God has used to minister the Word of God to people in need.

Because of our vision, we have decided this year to make available to you at no cost all items in the LCBCC Online Counselor Resource Center.

  • Access 500+ documents on any smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • Designed for locating biblical change resources for personal or counseling help
  • Includes articles, assignments, and outlines on hundreds of topics

Access All Resources Though Our Search Bar
To access the Counselor Resource Center click here. Create a feee user account. Login. You will then see a few assignments and folders on the page. But you can access hundreds more simply by using the search bar. The search bar is tied into the entirety of our online resources. Type in the search bar any topic you are hoping to find a biblical article or assignment that facilitates biblical change. Click on the assignment you want to access. Print or email it to yourself or a person you are trying to help.

Example Resources

May the Lord use these this year to advance biblical transformation in and through you. If you or someone you know need counseling please click here.  We offer onsite as well as online counseling and training.